If your business needs a specialist to design and develop solutions to your problem, somebody that will help you build your brand and achieve great market recognition, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Product Design & Development - Process Description:

1. Every good product starts with good research and analysis of the market in which the new product will come to life, competitors and potential allies as well as the actual user needs and demographics of potential buyers. Also in this stage it is very important to define the problem correctly and make an accurate design brief which explains what (not how) needs to be designed. Before we even sign any contract I supply my prospective clients with a questionnaire which serves as a very useful guide in making the design brief so I can in turn provide a quote and estimation of time needed to complete the project.

2. After we sign the contract and we have a mutual understanding of the task at hand we start breaking down the problem into various sub-tasks and ask ourselves various questions about the product, its use, its components, existing patents, market etc - it is all a big complicated picture but I will be there to guide you in this innovation process with the help of many sketches and in-depth discussions.

3. After we decide on a direction from the many proposed, it is time to build a prototype. This can happen locally in the Netherlands or directly with the chosen factory - each of these approaches has pros and cons which I will help you understand. A prototype is essential to understanding the way the user will interact with the product and it is a very good tool to conduct proto-market surveys and gain a better understanding of the target group.

4. If you decide to use a factory in China I may be able to suggest some factories or at least some fairs that you can attend and find a factory. If you wish I can intermediate the communication with the factory, send and receive the prototypes and make revisions until the perfect design is achieved: that means the desired look and features at the right price.

5. At this point it is time for you to assume full control of your product and supervise its next stages of production, transport and sales. Of course I can be summoned again if something happens and revision decisions need to be made: I will try to assist you all the way to the end of the development process and every new client I have I hope to keep as a long-standing relationship for the years to come.

I hope you will find my portfolio proof of my extensive design skills and you will allow me the opportunity to help you and your brand achieve new heights of innovation and translate this into improved sales and market recognition.



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